Chemical pre-treatment is designed to modify the surface of aluminium whilst still maintaining durable performance. The aluminium is submerged in the chemicals to remove residual oil and oxide films as well as provide corrosion protection and modify the surface for enhanced adhesion of the powder coat. 

Southside Powder Coaters are committed to keeping up to date with the latest technology and environmentally friendly products. In 2017 we have made the switch to a Chromium(VI)-free pre-treatment system which is QUALICOAT approved, as well as installing a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system to keep our pre-treatments tanks clean and running at their optimum. 


 Southside Powder Coaters has a large impressive 6 stage pre-treatment facility. These large pre-treatment tanks measure -

 4m long x 1m wide x 1.7m deep. 

We also a number of smaller but longer tanks designed to cater for 6.5m aluminium extrusion as well as an oversized tank for switchboards measuring 2.3m long x 1.3m wide x 2.2m deep

All chemical pre-treatments at Southside Powder Coaters is carried out to Australian Standards. The pre-treatment facilities are checked and serviced regularly to ensure they always produce quality results.